Protein Rice

If you’re struggling to get your protein in and just want to flavor up your plain old rice, man do I have the trick for you. This recipe is definitely a staple in my diet no matter what the goal is. It’s also super simple and easy to make. All ya need to do is Read More

Let’s Get Salty: DIY Electrolyte

Today’s recipe is A DYI on how to make your own electrolyte drink… the RIGHT WAY! You all seem Gatorade and Powerade bottles advertising being a electrolyte drink to boost performance and to keep you hydrated… but as we all know those drinks are packed full of sugar I mean like a crazy amount of Read More

Salmon with Beetroot and Feta Salad

Have you ever had beetroot and feta mixed? It’s a mouth feel of silky deliciousness! The combination will have your mouth watering for another bite! Add in a elegant piece of lime zested salmon and boom, you got dinner gold!!! What You Need To Do Chop the beetroot and feta into small cubes and mix Read More

Butter Bean, Tuna, and Red Onion Salad

Here’s a fun nutritionally packed salad that takes no time at all to prepare. Great protein and fiber from the tuna and the butter beans, which until recently I never had before. Add in some onions and apple cider vinegar and get a nice zing. It pairs really well with a nice chardonnay. What You Read More

Cod Baked with Spinach & Crispy Top

Cod is by far one of my favorite proteins of the sea and this recipe gives it a nice crunch. With the garlic and oregano aroma that will fill the kitchen you’ll have the whole house excited to sit down and enjoy great mouth feels of savory, smooth and crisp!      WHAT YOU NEED Read More

Acai Bowl

I love a good acai bowl! Especially on a hot day or after a sweaty workout. It’s refreshing and cool, as well as a great way to replenish your glycogen levels with great tasty carbs from fresh fruit and some protein depending on what sort of yogurt you use or garnish like nuts. In this Read More

Asparagus, Avocado and Green Peas Salad

The Power of Green!!! This one is a mean green machine! Packed with plenty of micronutrients which are vitamins and minerals that we tend to forget about when tracking are foods and calories. With a blast of citrus from fresh squeezed grapefruit, this salad will help you get your greens in for the full day! Read More

Salmon Nicoise Salad

Today’s recipe is a traditional piece from France. It’s amazingly light and refreshing with a mighty macro profile. This recipe is a great one to introduce for a lovely dinner night and pairs quite well with a nice merlot. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO Place the salmon skin side down in a colander over a Read More