How to Track Your Weights

So today’s blog is a question I get a lot when talking with new clients and people new to working in general. It’s about how to properly track a workout. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it, but you may be surprised how often people get confused about how to do this. I’ll break down today some Read More

Get A Grip

What’s up world! Today we are going to talk about Grip. The two topics we are going to discuss are why it’s important and how to strengthen it. So by the end of this blog you will have a complete mapped out guide on how to increase your grip strength. So let’s dive in.   Read More

Sweat & Flow: Steel Mace Workouts

30 steel mace workouts made with freedom in mind. The freedom to train where you want, when you want, without pain, and while having fun.  When did working out stop feeling fun?  When you stepped into the same, crowded gym, did the same routine, with the same equipment, and realized you’re seeing the same results?  Read More

Why You Should Focus On Strength

Why you should focus on building strength to achieve any and all of your fitness goals. In today’s world with it’s over abundance of foods and sedentary/inactive lifestyle the rule of the “hunter gather” is at its end. No more do we as humans need to track down or go in search of food for Read More

Macronutrients Part 2: Proteins

This essential macronutrient is a powerhouse, benefiting your body in a multitude of ways; from repairing tissue and building lean muscle to regulating hormones and increasing your metabolism. Protein should be number one on your list of nutritional priorities, whether your goal is weight loss, increasing lean muscle or simply just better health all around. Read More

Macronutrients Part 1: What’s a Macro?

What’s a “Macro”?  A macro or macronutrient- the fat, protein and carbohydrates that make up a food’s composition and help you create energy. Macronutrients are found in pretty much all foods from your broccoli to your pizza, even in your sodas and beer. Other than water and highly processed foods and drinks that are modified Read More