Why You Should Focus On Strength

Why you should focus on building strength to achieve any and all of your fitness goals. In today’s world with it’s over abundance of foods and sedentary/inactive lifestyle the rule of the “hunter gather” is at its end. No more do we as humans need to track down or go in search of food for Read More

Macronutrients Part 2: Proteins

This essential macronutrient is a powerhouse, benefiting your body in a multitude of ways; from repairing tissue and building lean muscle to regulating hormones and increasing your metabolism. Protein should be number one on your list of nutritional priorities, whether your goal is weight loss, increasing lean muscle or simply just better health all around. Read More

Macronutrients Part 1: What’s a Macro?

What’s a “Macro”?  A macro or macronutrient- the fat, protein and carbohydrates that make up a food’s composition and help you create energy. Macronutrients are found in pretty much all foods from your broccoli to your pizza, even in your sodas and beer. Other than water and highly processed foods and drinks that are modified Read More

The 5 Kings of Barbell Training

Let’s talk about resistance training, more specifically the five most effective exercises you should be doing. The exercises I’m talking about often listed as the top four( but myself and many others believe there to be five) are: Barbell Squat- Whether it’s back squat, front squat, sumo squat or even zercher squat the barbell squat Read More

How to Build An Inexpensive At-Home Gym

Are you tired and driving to and from the gym? Wasting time and energy thinking it’s the only place to get a good workout? Does group fitness intimidate you or you just find the workouts unnecessary and ridiculous? Or are you just bored of the same old same old gym routine and fell?! Well, then Read More

The Key is Consistency

“A inferior workout program done consistently is far more effective then a superior workout program done inconsistently”.   – Sal Di Stefano, MindPump Media   What is the number one key to unlock success and to achieve your goals? No, it’s not the new supplement line at your local GNC nor is it the new fab Read More

The Big 3 of Core Stability

Today’s topic is core stability and how the “McGill Big 3” are the best place for all levels from your weekend warrior to your professional athlete. First, let us discuss the core. No, it’s not those muscles that you try to do a thousand crunches to see at the beach or that you extreme diet  Read More

The Kettlebell Swing: Hard Style

We’re going to dive into one of my favorite exercises and an exercise with amazing carryover into many many many human movements and exercises… The Kettlebell Swing, the Russian army knife of exercise. When it comes to the kettlebell swing it is the best exercise for almost everyone- beginners to elite athletes, youngsters to the Read More