Macronutrients Part 2: Proteins

This essential macronutrient is a powerhouse, benefiting your body in a multitude of ways; from repairing tissue and building lean muscle to regulating hormones and increasing your metabolism. Protein should be number one on your list of nutritional priorities, whether your goal is weight loss, increasing lean muscle or simply just better health all around.


Protein is made up of 22 amino acids that our body needs to not only thrive but is necessary for survival. Nine of the twenty two amino acids our body Can NOT

produce on its own, meaning they must come from our food; these are known as essential amino acids. A food source is considered a “complete protein” when it

contains all 9 of the essential amino acids that our body can’t make on it’s own.

  • Burns More Calories: Protein has a high thermic effect – requiring more energy to

digest, absorb and disperse nutrients.

Simply put – your body burns more calories digesting protein

than its other macro buddies; carbohydrates and fats.

  • Feel Fuller Longer: When it comes to being the most satiating macro – Protein is

the BOSS. Keeping hunger pangs at bay will help to prevent mindless snacking and tearing up the whole fridge once dinner time comes around! 

  • Fights The Skinny Fat Tragedy: Losing weight ultimately is a decrease in body fat. Without enough protein, you will be looking at muscle loss as well. Yes this may make the number on the scale go down, but it won’t leave you with the aesthetics you were looking for.


HINT: You want to get “TONED”? What that really means is – increasing muscle. There is NO tone without muscle increase, period.


Start your day with a protein filled meal. This will prevent you from a.) pouncing on the doughnuts Karen brought into work, and or b.) frantically raiding your innocent children’s snack drawer. Bonus – you now have a head start on your protein goals for the day. Include In Every Meal: A good rule of thumb is to include one to two palm size amounts of protein at each meal. For example: *three eggs, *one to two chicken breasts, *one cup of quinoa. Protein First: Eat your protein first at each meal before you carbs and fats – as simple as that.