AM or PM Workouts: Which Do You Prefer Part One

Today’s topic is workout timing, specifically the pros and cons of working out early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Everyone will have an individual preference on which they like more so it’s not a competition. Neither is better or worse than the other but there are different benefits. So If you are new to working and trying to figure out your best timing this may help you decide on what to try.

Let’s start out with working out in the AM. Morning workouts can seem daunting! Waking up rolling out of bed and dragging yourself to the gym before you start your already busy day, sounds rough right? But there are actually quite a bit of benefits of starting your day off with exercise. Let’s get into the pros of working out in the a.m.


AM Pros:

  • Research shows that people who workout first thing in the morning are more consistent. 

  • Working out first thing in the morning eliminates a lot of life’s obstacles and distractions that prevent us from working out. There is less chance of something happening to pull you away from your workout first thing in the morning.

  • Better health conscious mindset throughout the say. You started your day with a workout and in a healthy mindset. You’re more conscious of your other choices, say for lunch or snacks throughout your day.

  • More time during your day to spend on the things that bring you joy. Your workout is done! So your day is free to you to do what your need and want to do. No need to try rushing to the gym after dropping your kids off at practice or rushing home to get dinner on the table. 


Now here are just a few of the benefits there are of course more and the people who currently workout in the morning can all speak for their own reasons they enjoy it. So now let’s talk about some of the cons.


AM Cons:

  • You tend to be weaker during morning workouts. This is due to 1) the body still waking up and connecting to your CNS(Central Nervous System) more. 2) Typically most people in the mornings workout fasted or with little amounts of calories(fuel). 

  • Difficulty adding muscle. This tags on to the fact that you are typically weaker in the mornings due to lack of fuel/ calories, primarily in the form of glucose.

  • This one is more personal to the individual, but feeling rushed or having to rush through your workouts and your cool down routine. 

Well, not that we have the pros and cons of morning workouts, of course there are plenty more for both.  Stay tune next week as we break down the PM side of things!