The Power of Mushrooms: Chaga Chai

Chai is positively packed with health benefits and this recipe isn’t going to be any different. Packed full of pure ingredients to help increase circulation and reduce inflammation. Plus with adding chaga a type of mushroom can help with immune recovery and as well as give it that extra kick of anti-inflammatory benefits.    What Read More

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Welcome back TeamQuinn, today I’m going to give you some helpful tips and tricks I picked up over the years on how to stay healthy while traveling. Now these are no big secrets and they aren’t magical cures but they can and may help you feel better during and after your travels.   First and Read More

Protein Rice

If you’re struggling to get your protein in and just want to flavor up your plain old rice, man do I have the trick for you. This recipe is definitely a staple in my diet no matter what the goal is. It’s also super simple and easy to make. All ya need to do is Read More

How to Track Your Weights

So today’s blog is a question I get a lot when talking with new clients and people new to working in general. It’s about how to properly track a workout. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it, but you may be surprised how often people get confused about how to do this. I’ll break down today some Read More

Let’s Get Salty: DIY Electrolyte

Today’s recipe is A DYI on how to make your own electrolyte drink… the RIGHT WAY! You all seem Gatorade and Powerade bottles advertising being a electrolyte drink to boost performance and to keep you hydrated… but as we all know those drinks are packed full of sugar I mean like a crazy amount of Read More