Staying Healthy While Traveling

Welcome back TeamQuinn, today I’m going to give you some helpful tips and tricks I picked up over the years on how to stay healthy while traveling. Now these are no big secrets and they aren’t magical cures but they can and may help you feel better during and after your travels.


First and to me the most important thing is staying hydrated. I know it can be hard getting your water in while traveling especially when you are flying but it can be done, and your body will thank you for it. Here’s the easiest way… Bring your own water bottle. It’s that simple. An empty water bottle can easy go through any airport security. Once through security it’s easy nowadays to find a water fountain to fill your bottle, but if you can’t find one you can go to any soda dispenser and select the water button. Staying hydrated while traveling will help you fight off that annoying bloat and dryness in your mouth and nose from all the recycled air on planes.


Second, when traveling especially long flights or flights that have you crossing timelines, I recommend fasting before your flight. This will make sure that we don’t eat a lot and just sit down not letting it disgust properly. It will also prevent us from buying overpriced processed sugary foods in the airport. As for after the flight, you should try to accustom yourself  to the new area’s eating schedule. Say you land around dinner time in your new location, try to eat dinner. This will help your body get regulated faster to the new time zone and also help you get on the new schedule of the area.


Lastly, let’s talk about movement. This is probably one of the easiest but weirdest things to do when traveling. Of course if you can I recommend trying to get a workout in before you leave for the airport. I wouldn’t go too crazy because you don’t want to be super sore sitting on your flight, but some light movement and weights to keep you active and strong will feel great. If you are flying out early then a nice little bodyweight workout in the terminal is a great way to go. Squats, lunges, push-ups, planks and pretty much anything you can think of. Just be sure to keep your body moving and loose before the flight. This will greatly help with blood flow to reduce inflammation and also prevent you from getting so achy and sore. I have even been so bold to do squats and walking lunges on long flights on the plane itself. If there is a will there’s a way. 


I can’t wait to hear how these  tips help you on your next travels. These don’t just have to be for flying either. Whether long car trips or on a train, try to use these to keep you strong, healthy and most of all pain free!