Use It or Lose It

Make movement & exercises FUN!

I love to move, bend, lunge, jump, leap, stretch, twist, turn and FLY.

So I train that way. How do you like to move? Does your exercise benefit it or does it hinder it?

Do you like to surf or Skateboard? Perhaps Skiing or maybe Wrestling? Dance and even playing basketball with the bros?

Do you want to continue doing these things till your dead?

Well, then your training should consist of movements/exercises to help keep you doing them.

The human body is an adaptation machine and will physically and mentally disconnect movement patterns we are no longer using. Just think when was the last time as an adult you climbed a tree or jumped off a small ramp? It’s been a while hasn’t it? Try doing them now? Do you feel more unsure are your slower, do you feel less stable when you land? That’s because are body is no longer adapted to these outside stimuli and are ability to perform or even react is slowed tremendously.

Over half the amount of injuries that happen in gyms each year are due to people coming in a thinking “I did this in high school/ college, I can do it now”. The problem with that is that they haven’t done it since then! Even just taking a year off from a sport, skill, or training can decrease our bodies capabilities to perform this once smooth skills drastically and lead to injury.

So, in conclusion if you want to be able to slam dunk, kick flip, or even just touch your toes you must consistently add these skills into your routine. For more specifics go ahead and email me to

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