The Key is Consistency

“A inferior workout program done consistently is far more effective then a superior workout program done inconsistently”.  

– Sal Di Stefano, MindPump Media


What is the number one key to unlock success and to achieve your goals? No, it’s not the new supplement line at your local GNC nor is it the new fab trending diet. It’s definitely not the over hyped new group fitness/ Bootcamp trend! So if it’s not any of those flashy things, then what is it? Well, I’ll tell you. The number one key is CONSISTENCY( as you could have guessed by the title).

Every success story whether fitness or business has this one major factor is common, they never gave up and they never quit. Even on the days where it seemed impossible, hard, unmotivated, tired or just plan didn’t want to they buckled down and got to it. 

Now, I’m not telling you to go hammer yourself in the gym on two hours of sleep, or to say no from enjoy your kids birthday cake, those lifestyle choices are NOT sustainable long term and can have negative effects down the road. Instead we are going to talk on how to find a life long practice that we enjoy and want to do as we reach for our goals. 

Here’s how I get started.

  1. Set a goal, this goal can be grand like deadlifting 500lbs or losing 30lbs. It can even be as simple as I want to journal everyday.
  2. Map out smaller goals that you can achieve using the S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based) principles. This helps you to stay motivated and encourages you to keep going win after win. 

(Example: I want to lose 20lbs by September. May I lose 5lbs, June another 5lbs, July down another 5lbs, and August I lose my last 5lbs to reach my goal of 20lbs. )

Setting these small goals will help me stay on track and to adjust my nutrition and program accordingly to my results.

  1. Invest in a coach. If you are new to this process or don’t know how to map things out yourself hire a professional. I myself as a professional with almost 10 years of experience still hire coaches and even buy programs that align with my current goals. It’s a life long invest on the biggest asset you will ever own, YOU!
  2. The most important KEY! Make it fun and enjoyable. There is nothing worse then waking up and having to constantly do something or eat something you don’t enjoy. Over time this will really drag you down and inevitably you will quit. Find something that you can see yourself doing for ever and try new things all the time. One of my favorite quotes is “Always be a white belt”, in saying this it encourages you to always be learning, always be a student, you are never to good to learn something new from anyone. 

In conclusion the key to staying consistent is to always keep looking forward. There will be ups and downs, failures and victories, no matter what the clock only tics forward as must we.