Staying on Track by Tracking Your Nutrition: Part 3

Macronutrient Calculators Alright, so we have a way to track our movement and calories burned and a way to track what we eat, but how do we figure out how much or how little we should be eating? How do I find out my calories and my macros? That is what today’s blog will discuss, Macronutrient Calculators. This one gets tricky, there are so many different calculations out there, each based on different equations, based on many more targeted markets. So you have to do some digging! Lucky for you I have already done that for you. Here are 3 of my favorite Calorie/Macro Calculators that I trust I find to be consistent with any goal and person. Whether you’re Sussie trying to lose 10lbs or Jack trying to gain 10lbs while maintaining a lean physique. Keep in mind, that these are general estimates created based on the information you provide. To truly know you will have to test things out by. Try out the estimate for a couple weeks and if you don’t see the desired results try to lower or increase the calories. (All links are attached to each one, so click and check each one out).   Now that we have it all said and done let’s get to work on it. The biggest thing to remember and to keep in mind is that consistency is key! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were you. It will take time, dedication, plenty of mistakes and then only then we achieve our goals!   With any questions or support please contact anytime at [email protected].