Staying on Track by Tracking Your Nutrition: Part 2

Calorie & Macro Counter Apps

So we have our fitness tracker and it’s been counting how many calories we burn or at least an estimate of what we are burning on average daily. So, let’s take the next step in Tracking.

Calorie & macronutrient counters, over the years these have become highly recommended and highly used by professionals and fitness/ health enthusiasts across the globe. There are hundreds of different apps, websites and even books to help you count and estimate how many calories and macros you are consuming. Today’s blog is going to go over some of my favorites and the most used apps to help you choose your favorite one. 

  • MyFitnessPal-( I use this one the most. It’s been around for a long time so a lot of foods are already saved in it’s database). It has a free version which is really all you need to see great success in your goals. Especially once you start to understand what macros are in what foods. Also have a subscription membership to unlock more features which may be useful for the beginner 
  • FatSecret-( Very similar to MFP. Just a different layout. Still a huge food database. It’ll just depend on what one you find is easier to use). I personally started with FatSecret and enjoyed the layout and data collected more. At the time it wasn’t as widely used so it was more challenging to find some “uncommon” foods. Their free version is great, but you can unlock more features for a low subscription.
  • EatThisMuch-( this is a new one I was introduced to) But it’s awesome! Unfortunately to get the full benefits of the app there is a subscription. But this one goes deep. It actually creates daily meal plans and recipes based on your goals and even creates your shopping list. Not only that but it tracks everything for you as long as you follow the recipes, so no double weighing or measuring your meals. Totally worth every penny, especially for the type A’s who want to know everything in advance.
  • Carbon(Haven’t tried, just researched). Carbon brings you technology and that 1:1 feeling of benign guided and coached into one app. This does have a subscription but I highly recommend it to everyone beginner-advanced. Created by Layne Norton(PhD Nutritional Science as well as a decorated trainer and athlete) and his Team of highly qualified Coaches this app does everything you would want and expect it to to keep you on track with all your goals.

For all the apps listed above I personally recommend you research and try them out. Find the one that is going to be the best fit for you and that you can stay consistent with. When it comes to weight loss or  muscle gain the biggest key is to stay consistent even on the days you don’t want to. I put links in for each one, and the app Icon is in the blog picture above. Enjoy and happy Tracking!