Iron Kettlebells & Steel Maces

The Steel Mace is for the upper body as the kettlebell is for the lower body.

If you think about the steel mace vs kettlebell, I like to pinpoint and distinguish their greatest movements and benefits.

Steel Mace Major Moves: 360’s, 10-2’s, offset presses, offset rows, etc.

Kettlebell Major Moves: Goblet Squats, Deadlifts, Swings, Turkish Get ups, etc.

Of course both modalities have many many more movements but these are the most common I see within the general fitness population.

If you look at the Kettlebell – the more common of the two; it’s a great tool to help people learn the proper way to hip hinge and squat. The movements require you to hold the weight isometrically, really giving you a chance to go heavy on the legs! Check out @cliftonharski ‘s recent “Goblet Squats” Video. Then incorporate the swing and you have a full on ballistic and power movement to increase athleticism in many sports.

With the mace’s off set load and long lever, the 360’s and 10-2’s make building shoulder strength and stability incomparable to anything else I’ve used! Getting that fluid motion of a heavy 360 swing(check out @mr.maceman) has never made my injured shoulder feel better. Add in the offset rows and press and it becomes great for correcting upper body imbalances and building “bulletproof” shoulders!

Both of these tools are amazing and I love to incorporate them into my traditional barbell and dumbbell training. It amazes me that ancient tools that are hundreds to thousands of years old have come around full circle and are being used to help and heal people!