Be Your Own Hero

Have you ever looked at something and said to your “Wow, I wish I could do that”?

What stopped you from trying? From starting? From taking action?

Yes, new things can be scary. The fear of failure, messing up, getting hurt, embarrassing yourself, falling flat on your face. All scary feelings. But that’s just it, they are feelings we created. We immediately imagined this story in our head of how we aren’t good enough or how we “suck”. Or we are weak. The great things is everyone has these thoughts. Everyone feels this way towards something at one point. Whether it’s a new sport, a dance class, maybe trying mountain bike for the first time, hell even strapping on a pair of skates that you loved as a kid but it’s been so long you feel you forgot how! 

Now the cool part! 

You can create another story, A Hero’s Journey!

Like when you are excited to try something new! You have butterflies in your stomach, you can’t wait to dive in, you are literally overjoyed and ecstatic to see yourself learn, succeed and excel. All you did was create another story built of feelings you imagined.  Same scenarios you just approached them differently. You became the writer, director and star of your world. Like your very own action movie. 

The Homework 

Go out right now and try something you never tried before. A dance class, a new workout tool, even a restaurant or food you’ve never had before. Take notes or even journal your feelings. What comes up? How do you feel? Then in your journal rewrite that story the way you want it to be! Words have power, so put pen to paper and write your New Journey!!!